King Crabs Arrive in Antarctic with Claws Out for Biodiversity

king-crab-antarcticaThe king crab could soon take over a whole new kingdom, and it has global warming to thank for the conquest.

King crabs live on seafloors all over the world (perhaps most famously off the Alaskan coast), but scientists didn’t know that these large crustaceans had ventured all the way down to the frigid waters off Antarctica until recently. And now that the large crustaceans have arrived, they could seriously disrupt the thriving marine ecosystem off the Antarctic mainland, according to a new study.

Right now, king crabs inhabit the slope of Antarctica’s continental shelf (the point where the shallow waters of the continental shelf give way to the deep sea). The crabs haven’t yet made their way to the flat expanse of the shelf because the water there is just a tad too cold for them, said Richard Aronson, head of the department of biological studies at the Florida Institute of Technology and lead author of the new study on Antarctica’s burgeoning king crab population.

But Antarctica’s waters are getting warmer, Aronson told Live Science. Sometime within the next few decades, the continent’s icy sea will

Bad Omen or Wise Advisor Evocative Owls Star in Photos

owls-3-Snowy-Owl-jlmJonathan Slaght is projects manager for Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)’s Russia program. Julie Larsen Maher is staff photographer for WCS, the first woman to hold the position since the society’s founding in 1895. In addition to documenting her field visits, Maher photographs the animals at WCS’ five New York-based wildlife parks: the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, New York Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo and Queens Zoo. The authors contributed this article to Live Science’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

No one is neutral about owls.

Historically, some cultures have vilified these feathered predators, and some have revered them, making these birds a physical manifestation of what people fear or admire. Silent and hidden by shadow, owls are seen as bad omens or harbingers of death across parts of Africa, the Middle East and among some Native American tribes. But they are also figures of wisdom among most European cultures. The birds are a holy symbol for Hindus, gods for the Ainu peoples of Japan and sacred creatures for the Hopi tribe of the American Southwest.

Habitat loss and superstition-driven maltreatment have caused some owl numbers around the world to

Snakes Use Leg Genes to Make Phalluses

corn-snake-embryo-2Snakes lack limbs, but new research finds that they still have DNA crucial to limb development lurking in their genomes. So, why keep that genetic baggage around?

To build a penis, of course.

A new study, published today (Oct. 1) in the journal Developmental Cell, reveals that the same genetic snippets that control the outgrowth of limbs (called enhancers) during embryonic development in mammals are crucial to the development of the phallus in both mammals and reptiles — including legless snakes. (The embryonic phallus structure eventually becomes a penis in males and a clitoris in females.)

“It tells us that we are a little bit myopic in thinking about what these limb enhancers are doing in mammals,” said study leader Doug Menke, a genetics researcher at the University of Georgia. “We’ve really been thinking of these as limb enhancers, but more broadly, these genetic components are actually also participating in development and driving gene expression in other body tissues,” he told Live Science. [See Photos of Snake Embryos Developing a Phallus]

Missing legs

Menke and his team are interested in DNA components called cis-regulatory elements, or enhancers. Unlike

Service dog helps you to trained your dog

Labrador, Golden Retrievers and German shepherd dogs are very much dogs that are very much in demand that people like to have their pets and no doubt that these breeds are very much intelligent and catches the things very fast and are able to adjust life with the human beings. But there are very few people that are known to the service that these dogs are providing in which they are helping the human beings that are having the disability problem. You are having the service dog that is very much helpful to these people that are having the disability problems. They are well trained dogs that can open and close the door, able to show the path to the blind person, able to remove the clothes, can being the news paper in the morning from the gate, they are able to on and off the light switch and can alert the people that are having the seizure problem.

They are getting g the training of 5to 6 months for becoming the best and perfect service dog. They are providing one of the best services that are for the people that are having the hearing problem. They are trained for

Visit Feline Medical Center for Best Medical Care for your Feline Friends

If you were a person who has been raised with pet cats or dogs, then you would know the joys of having a feline friend at home. But that said, they are one of the most lovable little creatures, and they also need care. Sometimes, they might need just a little petting and patting and sometimes, more than that. Cats are also known to be very protective and possessive about their territory and they might not be able to adapt themselves when you move to new homes or to new localities. They might be suddenly become all quiet or moody and rough, highly unlikely of them too. Do not ignore these symptoms, and book an appointment with a specialist veterinary doctor at Feline Medical Center by logging in to and get your cat treated.

What other services you can get for your cat’s health?

If your cat needs preventive care, then right from the very beginning of the time when you have a cat in your house, make sure that you take your cats for annual checkups. During the checkup based on their regular health and activities and even their eating habits and sleeping habits, the cats are examined for their

Give A Gift of Happy Life and Health to your Pet

Is your bird which is normally very lively and chirpy is suddenly lethargic and looking sick? Is your pet rabbit walking in circles and has developed the habit of sneezing? Instead of just ignoring these tell-tale signs, take time out and visit or consult a veterinary doctor from Amador Valley Veterinary Center for urgent pet care.

While many people have pets to give them company, many others might have rescued them and raised them at home ever since. Whatever is the reason for you to have a pet, just ensure that they are comfortable living in your surroundings and do not have any threat to their life in your presence or absence. They should be given proper vaccination, medication, and even timely care for protecting them from any allergy or even illness. Little animals like dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, birds grow fast, but they should also be protected from other invasive species and they should be given proper nutrition so that they live happily and comfortably.

Services that are offered for your pets:

Your pets shall get integrative and holistic treatment to any accident or any chronic ailments and they may also get preventive medication from Amador Valley Veterinary Center. The clinic

Pet Insurance Shopping 101: What to look for in the Pet Insurance Reviews

If you deeply care about your pet like I do, you know that it needs the best of everything. To avoid exorbitantly high cost of my pet’s health needs, I had to search for a pet insurance that is ideal for my cat. As a rule of thumb, I had to go through numerous of pet insurance reviews before I settled on my current pet insurance policy. You would be surprised at the number of pet insurance firms and policies out there.

Like many newbies out there, I was overwhelmed by the vast online reviews that covered a broad range of issues regarding pet insurance.  Here, I am going to walk you through a few tips on what you should look for from these myriad pet insurance reviews.  With these tips, you will land the right coverage policy for your pet without any hassle.

Copay or Reimbursement?

Reimbursement system is, more or less, pet insurance industry’s standard. As such, the insurance firms expect that you pay out of pocket the full amount of vet bill at the time of your visit. Later, you can file a claim with them, and wait for a reimbursement check.

I Have a New Friend to Care for

I have been pet-free for a long time. It is a shame because I really do love to care for other creatures. But with as many hours as I spend at work, I realized that it was best that I do not do anything that could cause a creature to suffer from my being away so long. But all that changed when someone gifted me a betta fish for my birthday. I ended up going to to learn how to care for it, and that was really helpful.

I have no idea why, but it never occurred to me before to look into life with fishes as pets. I always think about dogs, cats, hamsters, etc. Continue reading