TC Line: Skydiving aircraft noise

TC Line: Skydiving aircraft noise

Get your hearing checked

here is in keeping with the gentleman or whoever it is that referred to as in a couple of times about now not being capable of hear the skydiving planes. I feel it’s a little frightening. perhaps you should definitely have your hearing checked? i’m wondering in case you hear sirens from the fireplace department or an ambulance at the back of you when you are riding. not respectable.

Thanks, Ken

thank you, Ken the Marine, for buying us two other Marines, Tony and Bud, lunch at Goodfella’s, Saturday the first. Semper fi.

Which is it?

Trump declared the financial system is the most beneficial ever. Now he says federal personnel may not get raises because of financial problems. Trump additionally invokes little-used laws for countrywide security to do things on his own. Now he is invoking financial strife that he has argued would not exist. once more, we cannot believe the person. He lies to you daily that ends in.”y.”

Oil below Union

related to possibly drilling for oil this is under Union Reservoir: by using directional drilling, they would no longer deserve to have an oil rig within the reservoir.

Arrest Trump, periods?

So it has taken 5 years, and we nonetheless have not absolutely recovered from the flood. How lengthy will it recall infants separated from their family unit and sexually abused to recover, if ever? should no longer Trump and periods be arrested for this crime?

Tweeting isn’t main

This previous weekend we now have been privileged to witness governance that clarifies issues, and the consensus is that tweeting is not main.

What a waste

i’m at all times amazed and brought unexpectedly once I examine feedback within the TC Line that say whatever to the impact: a person hates someone else or that person hates this adult or the caller hates this grownup. Oh, my. What a waste of a very good life.

now not a free press

it would be in reality first-rate if we had a free press, as a substitute of 1 that turned into owned 99 percent with the aid of the Democratic party. or not it’s been very clear over the ultimate 10 years now that they are political partisans; they may be not impartial journalists. You study their stuff, you listen to it, then you definately exit and examine the truth and you’ll find out that a good deal of it isĀ awfully totally slanted and that they do not cowl lots of stuff because it would make their political view seem to be injurious. are trying to do a bit greater than just read the paper or hearken to the news. You get a extremely distinctive view of what is happening. … if you do not study the paper, you are uninformed. in case you do, you are misinformed.


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